Reverse Engineering

The process of measuring a physical part in order to develop a 3D CAD Solid Model for the purpose of replication.

Description of service:

The customer provides us with an actual, physical part.  We take numerous measurements on the part in order to create a CAD model.  We take as many measurements as necessary to accurately define the part.  We provide the customer with a computer file containing the CAD model for their use.  If requested, dimensioned drawings can also be provided but are often not necessary.

The difference between inspection and reverse engineering:

Reverse Engineering is not an inspection process.  Inspection is the comparison between and manufactured part and the drawings or CAD models used to produce that part.  Reverse Engineering is used when no drawings or CAD models exist or they are outdated.  Reverse Engineering involves measuring the part without know what the measurements are supposed to be.  The resulting CAD model represents the actual part and may or may not represent the original design intent.


” We searched the internet after having problems with another source for our reverse engineering projects. I found Rapid DTM on the internet and decided to give them a try. I traveled to their shop and got lost, so I called Tim and he gave me exact directions. After talking with him he said it was something they could do. I was surprised as to how fast he turned the job around it was literally the next day. I doubled checked some of the numbers to verify what they gave me and it was right there. We have been using Rapid DTM ever since and have always received great turn around time and accuracy. I would recommend them for all your inspection needs. “

Mike – Bocra Industries