CMM Inspection

In addition to inspecting your parts, Rapid DTM can also help you with inspection programs in PC-DMIS for your CMM machine

We are also available for custom PC-DMIS training at your facility or ours.

The benefits to our training system …

  1.  Much smaller class size (generally only 2 or 3 students.)
  2.  Training is focused on skills needed to inspect your parts on your machines.
  3.  The instructor personally walks each student through the exercises to make sure he or she fully understands the material.
  4.  Lessons can be broken up into smaller classes to give the students time to go back to work for several weeks to absorb the materials covered and develop questions prior to the next class.
CNC Machining

With over 30 years of CNC machining experience we can help you get your CNC guys to the next level.

From introductions to off-line CAM programming to recommendations on machining tooling and machining strategies we can help reduce your cycle times.  Many of our techniques can be used regardless of the type of machines or CAM system you have.